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Terrace doors

It is a light door usually used as an exit to a terrace, made on standard window frame and so called intermediate sash 105 or 115mm, in which a door handle and a locking gear with a lock can be installed.

•    Terrace doors can be made in the entrance door profiles
•    Terrace doors differ from a balcony door most of all with the height of a door wing
•    Terrace door can be equipped in aluminium doorstep 20mm high, and thus gaining more functionality
•    Terrace doors can open inward or outward
•    Terrace doors can be with one wing or two wings with moving post

•    As a standard: handles on inside and outside, multi-point locking gear (including one lock), 3 visible hinges
•    Options: aluminium treshhold, additional door seal on the bottom, brushes, handrails, additional barrel lock, hidden hinges

•    According to statistics, almost half of  burglaries is through gardens doors, and thanks to the multi-point locking gears and stronger profiles enhance the level of security

Available in most of window profiles.